Artworks / 감시갤러리
I am really interested in a real-time interactive work recently. This interest originated from the idea that a new medium can fully reflect the mood of the times when it came into being.
Most of artworks are exhibited in the gallery after being finished entirely by artists, and the viewers understand artists’ thoughts and feelings by watching the artworks. This sets the relationship of the artists and the viewers unilaterally. However, this unilateral method was urged to reconsider the ‘communication’ function that the artwork servers today. Accordingly, I took seriously the communication method between the viewer and the artwork as well as the viewer’s participation in the artwork and so I began with an interactive work.
One of my published interactive artworks, ‘Surveillance-Gallery’, was the work that viewer can appreciate another places in one fixed place. In this artwork, viewers were able to watch scenes taken from six cameras installed throughout the gallery via the touch screen on the one side wall. A hexahedral figure was inside of that touch screen and the images taken from six cameras were turning round and round on the six side of that figure. Viewers not only watched the provided scenes, but also were able to search a scene they want by touching the screen. This artwork presents an our current social aspect of monitoring and being monitored one another by applying a function that CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) serves in society.
My general interactive artwork lays emphasis on viewers’ participations, two-way communication between viewers and artworks, and the viewers’ pleasure from the artwork.


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